Fanny Brunet, geo-temporal planning with Teamoty Scheduling

Fanny Brunet, Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe gives us her testimony on the use of Teamoty Scheduling and geo-temporal planning. Discover the full transcript of his interview or watch the video “Teamoty interviews”.

What is your role within Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe ?

I work at BBFE (Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe), where I started at Habitat Résidentiel. I was there in charge of implementing the Lean approach on construction sites. I’m now working in the “Construire Autrement” (“build differently”) division, which brings together the company’s expertise to facilitate and accelerate the transitions that are necessary regarding climate change. For my part, I work on industrialization as part of the Smartfabrik project, and more specifically on logistics. My role is to consolidate the company’s methods and tools to redistribute them and capitalize on good practices.

How was work without a digital solution to plan your schedule ?

What tools did you use ?

We used several tools on the project. First, we used MS Project to manage the operation general schedule. Then, the work teams often revised their schedule on Excel, and they eventually used post-it notes to liven up the schedule with the subcontractors.

What constraints did you notice ?

We had several schedules for the same operation, which created some problems. In addition, we were not really aware of the on-the-ground reality and struggled to capitalize on the schedule making. Finally, it was almost impossible to keep up with a geo-temporal schedule, which often led us to give up on it during the project.

What needs have these constraints created ?

We were very much aware that we needed a tool that would allow us to have a single schedule for the operation. We also knew that this tool would need to be digital so that we could share the information with all our collaborators and that we could capitalize on the schedule’s data.

What were you expecting from a digital solution like Teamoty at that time ?

When I first tried out Teamoty in 2019, I was in charge of implementing the Lean approach on residential housing sites. We expected a tool like Teamoty to save us time as planners/leaders of the Lean approach. We also wanted it to allow those construction works to match with the Lean approach as well as with the schedule.

How do you use Teamoty within the company ?

The idea is to implement the solution as early as possible on the projects in order to design the execution schedule with a method/planning support. All the sequences are built through Teamoty which then generates the schedule using its calculation engine. You can also save time by using predefined sequences accessible from the library.

Then, the schedule will live and evolve throughout the project thanks to the works team and the collaborative meetings with the subcontractors. Thanks to the mobile app, it is possible to carry out the pointing directly on the construction sites. Teamoty also allows you to change the schedule in order to adjust to the on-the-ground reality and to understand the various risks and hazards through the management functionalities.

Throughout the life of the project, Teamoty makes it possible to collect a whole series of data allowing to use them both externally and internally directly on Teamoty through the various indicators.

Today, what added value does the Teamoty solution bring to your company ?

A solution like Teamoty makes scheduling a lot simpler and more attractive, both for the engineering teams working on the planning method and for the works teams. It also allows all the people involved in the creation and management of this schedule to work on a single tool in a collaborative way.

Teamoty really allows us to manage the construction site through the schedule and give more value to the schedule by using the data that can be entered into the app. It is also an essential tool for the SmartFabrik project on the construction industrialization, because Teamoty allows us to measure the performance of the industrialization strategies and of the industrialized solutions that we implement on our construction sites.

Teamoty is an essential tool because the geo-temporal schedule is a prerequisite for the implementation of a logistics strategy and for measuring the performance of the industrialized solutions that we can put in place on our various projects.

When did you implement the Teamoty solution within your company ?

We quickly tested out the solution on a project when it was released in February 2019. This first test showed that the solution was not comprehensive enough to meet all of our needs at that time.

For more than a year, with SmartFabrik and the impetus of engineering, the geo-temporal schedule has become an issue requiring a powerful tool. . New tests were carried out by all Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe operating units, which confirmed the relevance of the tool following its functional changes.

What changes have you noticed on the tool ?

The designing features are more and more precise and make it possible to build a project that is relevant to the on-the-ground reality and that observes all the connections between the different tasks. The mobile app allows to make a real-time pointing on the construction site and to capitalize on the events of the project. This implementation allowed us to export all the knowledge stored in Teamoty, to cross-reference it with other tools in our IS environment and to give value to this data.

Finally, Teamoty now makes it possible to integrate resources and materials into the schedule, which is essential for managing our logistics strategy.

What issues does this digitalization help to address in your company ?

The first issue is to restore the image of the “scheduling culture”. Then, the real challenge is to measure our on-the-ground performance to improve our processes and increase productivity. Finally, Teamoty is an essential prerequisite for the development of the industrialization strategy of our projects, which is part of our areas of improvement to meet the challenges of climate change.

How does Teamoty face these issues ?

Teamoty is a tool that meets the needs of all scheduling stakeholders, from the planner to the ground. It is also a solution that allows you to trace data from the ground, which is essential.

What relationship do you have with the Teamoty teams ?

I would say that we really have a partner relationship with Teamoty, because we are working on a common roadmap and we truly share a vision. We also created a user club that brings together all the users of the solution within BBFE and allow them to share and talk about each other’s issues. The idea is to try and push forward the deployment of the solution in the company.

Your Teamoty experience in a nutshell

Teamoty has evolved to support us in our maturation on the geo-temporal scheduling matter. Today, it is an essential partner with whom we share a vision to build differently and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Fanny Brunet

Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe

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