Collaborative planning on the ZIN site with Bpc Group

I am Simon Demare and I am a methods and planning engineer at BPC Group, meaning I’m in charge of planning from the very beginning of the works to the very end. My tasks include taking care of structural works, completion, surroundings and finishing touches. Here we are on the ZIN construction site, where a Teamoty lean planning solution was implemented.

A digital group has been created at BPC for a few years now in order to discuss everything related to digitalization in the widest sense; that’s how we found out about Teamoty and decided to make them our partners in terms of lean scheduling. We are currently spreading it on all our construction sites.

In the CFE group -which includes BPC, Van Laere, Mbg among other companies -, we can easily say digitalizing was really a core interest as several groups were created (both within these companies and between them) in order to discuss digitalization as well as Teamoty’s time location planning and lean scheduling.

lean scheduling. Teamoty makes it possible to be more efficient when it comes to comparing several versions of a same schedule. Let’s take an example; you’re in the price request phase and introduce a subcontractor to the following situation: you have several sequences happening at the same time and you will obviously need to add a second team at some point in order to be able to keep pace. If the subcontractor answers it’s not possible for them to have two teams, we can easily see on Teamoty the direct consequences on the schedule or on the expected delivery date etc. It’s a way of really involving the subcontractor; we don’t simply impose the schedule anymore; we rather show the subcontractor how their actions impact the schedule.

I use Teamoty and MS Project for GANTT planning. I put the deadline I have to meet in Teamoty and make sure my planning matches it. I can see from day to day how much time I have left until the deadline as it just shows up on the project’s dashboard, which is a great advantage in terms of visibility.

Another advantage of Teamoty is how it follows us all the way to the construction site on our smartphone or tablet. We can give it to the project supervisor who will be able to indicate which task is done or not in a certain local or zone. It’s a way of really bringing the schedule on-site and to kind of taking it down off the wall where it used to be hung.

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of Teamoty is not only about pretty colors or nice presentations, it’s most of all about communication. The schedule is in one place and everybody is able to see it or fill it in. This is to me the major asset of Teamoty; all the information is centralized in one single place, and on a construction site like this one, which has two spoken languages and hundreds of protagonists involved, it’s essential to have one single schedule that everyone can check online.

The construction sector is considered to be very behind regarding innovation and digitalization, and I see Teamoty as a kind of driven force that may allow us to catch up and bring innovation and digitalization on the construction site once and for all.

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