Managing the construction projects’ logistics

Why do we need to optimize the management of
construction project logistics ?

The logistical management of construction projects is a crucial mission with many important constraints. Logistics in the building sector must consider the internal constraints of the construction site, meaning: players coordination, resources gathering, supply and evacuation flow organization, human management. However, it must also consider the constraints that are external to the site, for instance: site access, roads condition and neighborhood.

Site workers must work together and rely on an optimized and shared delivery schedule to enable a better logistical management on construction projects. The logistics coordinators can manage the logistics from the schedule by validating the incoming and outgoing flows of all the construction site’s players. They can also ensure the tasks are carried out and that all the stakeholders meet their commitments (companies, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.).

This coordination requires an efficient and meticulous logistics management to enable the smooth running of the construction operation and check the compliance with deadlines, costs and quality of the ongoing work. Digitizing our logistics appears to be a reliable and efficient solution to do so.

How to optimize the logistics of construction projects ?

Teamoty Logistics allows the optimization of construction site logistics management by integrating their specific features. Thanks to our software, you can easily organize the management of your construction project’s logistics.

Thanks to Teamoty Logistics, you can coordinate and plan delivery flows through a single platform with all construction project stakeholders and suppliers. You can also gather resources such as lifting and handling devices (crane, goods lift, etc.) and organize your teams to smooth the different flows.

Our Teamoty Logistics software is simple, efficient, easy-to-use and allows you to centralize and share information between the various supply chain players and stakeholders in real time.


The Teamoty Logistics software solution is :

collaboration of stakeholders

A collaborative tool that brings together all the project’s players and stakeholders

adaptable to different construction projects

A tool than can be adapted to different construction sites depending on their type and size

traceability of site performance

A tool that ensures traceability of deliveries, material resources, carbon monitoring, etc.

A configurable solution according to your needs

It can be configured according to your needs

a collaborative tool

A collaborative tool to manage site logistics

Teamoty Logistics is a software allowing logistics management in a multistakeholder environment and allowing to share information with the construction project’s various players (subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) through a single platform.

A tool to simplify flow traceability

Teamoty Logistics gives you a global vision of the different supply and evacuation flows (by area, company, etc.) and of the lifting and handling equipment needs. It also allows you to monitor the site’s carbon footprint.
optimise the traceability of logistical flows on construction sites
configurable solution

A configurable solution according to your needs

Our logistics management software can be configured according to the type and size of your construction project.

A software solution that adapts to different types of construction projects

Teamoty Logistics is designed to meet the logistics needs of all construction projects, from new construction to rehabilitation projects.

Teamoty logistics software

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Where I find great added value for one of our general contracting clients is that I am able, via the analysis of my previous sites on “Teamoty”, to tell him how many people and how much time I will need to make the entire logistics chain more fluid.

Olivier Picard,

KS Services

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