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As a General Building Contractor, project coordination is a key factor requiring an effective resource management during all phases of the construction process.

This management of the construction projects is a way to strengthen the position of the general contractor as the real leader. It allows a better economic control as well as a better control of the construction project’s deadlines and quality while considering urban, environmental and economic constraints.

How do general construction companies use Teamoty ?

Teamoty aims to guide general building contractors in their construction projects. Our software solutions allow these companies to progress and improve their construction project management. They guarantee an efficient resources management during all phases of the construction process, from design phase to delivery.

Manage the project through scheduling

Manage the project through scheduling

Managing a construction project in the best possible way lies in how you handle the operation’s scheduling. The construction site’s planning must be meticulous and simple to manage in order for the project to meet the deadlines and costs that are imposed.

Bring more coordination and collaboration

Bring more coordination and collaboration

Our software solutions are meant to meet the needs of the building sector, which is multistakeholder. Collaboration and coordination between all site stakeholders are essential to optimize construction projects. Our solutions allow you to control the information of all the construction site’s partners and players and allow you to get a better monitoring.

optimise the traceability of logistical flows on construction sites

Collect data and gain performance

Our solutions allow you to monitor your construction site’s performance. You can use the data entered in our software to check the progress and the smooth running of the site. You can easily see where the difficulties are and what can be improved to ensure more performance.

Our solutions

Our tools are influenced by the Lean Construction methodology and allow general contractors to improve their performance on construction sites while meeting urban, economic and environmental issues and constraints.

Teamoty Scheduling

Teamoty Scheduling

Discover our on-site project planning management and monitoring solution. Based on Lean Construction methodologies, Teamoty Scheduling allows to manage projects in time location mode (Takt Planning). This solution meets the requirements of General Contractors as they need to manage the project through scheduling, considering the spaces, resources and constraints of each project. The general contractor improves management of their activity and contract as Teamoty Scheduling can predict at any time the project’s end date or next milestone.

Teamoty logistics

Teamoty Logistics

Discover our software solution dedicated to managing the construction projects’ logistics. Teamoty Logistics digitizes logistics management to make the coordination of supply flows and site deliveries more efficient. This control of delivery schedules in collaborative mode allows to monitor supply flows, control arrivals and departures, improve site safety while producing the CO2 balance of site deliveries.

Teamoty Recycle

Teamoty Recycle

Teamoty Recycle brings together all the construction projects’ players around waste sorting on the construction site. Our software solution allows to collaboratively manage the monitoring of waste bins to optimize their use and improve on-site waste sorting. It also gives you full traceability of your sites’ waste.

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Interview Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe, geo-temporal planning and Teamoty Scheduling


Teamoty has evolved to support us in our maturation on the time location scheduling matter. Today, it is an essential partner with whom we share a vision to build differently and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Fanny Brunet,

Smart Fabrik, Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe

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